Locator : JP50EN

 Qth: Enger - Hov i Land Norway

Søndre Land

Locator and Location Information:

Long : 10.33676 E (10° 20' 12'' E)
Lat : 60.57002 N (60° 34' 12'' N)
QTH locator : JP50EN

Viewing the lake Randsfjorden is Norway's fourth largest lake. The Cabin is located about 70 meters abow sealevel.

Hopefully i will start recovery and cleanup of the cabin next year, and setup my antennas back up again. In the 90's i ran much 11meter activity from this location.

Antenna Plans are Vertical, Dipols and maybe i Beam of some sort :-)

and a 2nd HF and VHF radio for the shack

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My Cabin


Viewing Randsfjorden